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Concrete Crack Repair


Concrete Slab Repair

Over time, concrete surfaces can become worn and damaged. That's where we come in. We can refurbish your concrete surfaces to make them look like new again. We recognize that concrete floors in busy warehouses and industrial settings are subject to extreme wear and tear. That's why we are dedicated to providing our clients with durable concrete solutions that stand the test of time. Whether it's repairing damaged floor joints or fixing surface defects, we work  diligently to provide clients with a safe and stable working environment that meets their specific needs.

Our experience of repairing warehouse and industrial concrete floor slabs has enabled us to develop standard repair details for the vast majority of floor slab defects.

Concrete Seam Sealing
Concrete joint sealing
Concrete Crack Repair
Warehouse concrete repair

Slab Repair Methods

Our concrete floor repair methods, including the materials we use have been specifically developed for use in operational, fully stocked warehouses. Our fast curing repair materials ensure we can carry out joint repairs with minimum impact on operations.

Our highly efficient vacuum systems mean there is no airborne dust, therefore no need to remove or protect stock. All our concrete floor repairs are finished flush with the surrounding floor profile, providing a smooth surface for the hard, wheeled trucks to pass over.

 We firmly believe that a well maintained concrete floor slab and a pro-active approach to preventative floor maintenance can improve long term operational performance.

We pay particular attention to:

  • Slab layout and how the slab is used

  • Type of Materials Handling Equipment operating on the floor

  • Expansion, Contraction, Construction or Induced concrete floor joint failure

  • Load Transfer Capability

  • Surface breakdown or delamination

  • Shrinkage cracking – plastic / drying / thermal / structural

  • Choice of Concrete Slab Repair Materials

Typical Concrete Floor Problems
Concrete Cack Rrepairs
Concrete Crack Sealing
Concrete Commercial Floor Repair
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