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On The Level  provides self-leveling concrete services for residential and commercial clients throughout the New York area. We correct uneven concrete on warehouse floors, garage floors, commercial floors, showroom floors, industrial floors, and more. Don't let an uneven surface create safety hazards and liabilities at your home or business. Our self-leveling concrete services can restore your building's integrity.


When Is Concrete Leveling a Good Option?

Levelling may be an ideal option if your floors are worn. Many people choose leveling when taking over commercial spaces with floors that are too damaged to simply install new flooring over existing flooring. Self-leveling concrete flooring is an option that addresses both the aesthetic and safety requirements of a space.


Understanding Concrete Levelling

Two types of self-leveling concrete are available for your residential or commercial space. 

Self-leveling underlayments are not designed to serve as your finished flooring. They are instead intended to provide a smooth, flat surface that can be used as a base for installing floor coverings. Typically, self-leveling underlayments are used in conjunction with hardwood, tile, sheeting, and epoxy coatings. Underlayments provide a quick installation that allows floors to be walked on within just three hours. New flooring can typically be installed within 24 to 48 hours.

Overlayments provide endless options for choosing finishes. This is the option to choose if you want a one-of-a-kind "finished" floor that truly defines the look of a space. Overlayments can be dyed, stained, and polished to meet your aesthetic goals. 

Concrete self-leveling
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